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The OCA supports the development and operation of outback communities through Community Affairs Resourcing and Management (CARM) Agreements and community grants.

CARM Agreements

A CARM Agreement is negotiated with an association representing its community and agreed to by the wider community. The CARM Agreement spells out how the OCA’s will provide financial support for specific local services and can be a catalyst for a community contribution scheme. A community contribution scheme is based on a fixed charge relative to the level of service sought by the community. A community contribution cannot be based on property values. The OCA is required to efficiently and effectively use available resources for the benefit of the public. CARM Agreements will clarify the OCA’s financial commitment to specific services and ensure that there are accountable and transparent processes for the disbursement of resources and funding arrangements.

The OCA will negotiate the cost sharing arrangements for the management of specific services based on the approved community plan, financial plan and budget prepared in consultation with the whole community to which it relates.

Once a community has a CARM Agreement in place, reimbursement for actual costs incurred can be claimed back from the OCA.  A CARM Reimbursement form should be submitted to the OCA as soon as the costs have been incurred, with copies of paid invoices attached.  Reimbursements can only be approved if the claim refers to a community service that appears on the CARM agreement.

Community Grants

Community Grants are available to Incorporated bodies that operate within the OCA’s area that aim to improve the well-being, quality of life and participation of outback residents in developing and strengthening communities across the outback of South Australia.

There are two categories of grants available within Community Grants:

  • Projects
  • Sport and Recreation

Project Grants

Project grants are one-off funding for specific purposes that do not require recurrent funding. Funding is available for events and sponsorship, community based initiatives including youth and aged activities. There are two calls per financial year available for Project grants; February and August. Project grants provides funding up to $10,000 per grant. Project Grants Funding Guidelines and application forms are available from the OCA’s office or can be downloaded below.  Project grants should be aquitted in the finacial year it was approved.

Guidelines for OCA Project Grants Funding 2015-16
Project Grants Application Form Round 2 2015-16

Sport and Recreation Grants

The Sports Activity Small Grants program provides financial assistance of up to $500 to Incorporated and active recreation and sport organisations for projects and initiatives that encourage sporting activities in the area covered by the OCA. There are two calls per financial year for Sport and Recreational grants; March and August. The grant must be acquitted in the financial year that it is approved. Sports Activity Small Grants Funding Guidelines for Sports Activity Small Grants is available from the OCA’s office or can be downloaded by clicking the below links.

News Release - OCA Sports Activity Small Grants Round 2 2015/16
OCA Sports Activity Small Grants  Application Form Round 2 2015/16
Guidelines for Sports Activity Small Grants
OCA Sports Activity Small Grants Evaluation