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Community Engagement

shearingshedThe Outback Communities Authority (OCA) is dedicated to improving the lives of those people who live and work in outback South Australia.  In doing its work the OCA will often make decisions that have the potential to affect the lives of those people.

It is the genuine desire of the OCA to give people who live and work in the outback  opportunities to have meaningful input into the decision making process.  The OCA also wants outback communities to be aware of the reasons behind the decisions it makes, and the effect those decisions might have on them.

Community Engagement - Our Commitment Policy sets out how, when and with whom the OCA will consult.  It describes the various ways the OCA will seek to engage with the community.  Using state/local newspapers, electronic and hard copy correspondence, and convening public meetings are just a few examples.

Community Input Sought On Strategic Direction for the Outback

The Outback Communities Authority (OCA) has commenced consultation on its Strategic Management Plan (SMP) 2015-2020 and is seeking input from those with an interest in the outback. 

The OCA has identified 3 key objectives it wishes to accomplish over the five years commencing 1 July 2015.  They are; Grow Our Economy, Grow Our Community and Grow Our Influence and Presence.  Achieving those objectives will put outback South Australia in the best position to deal with the uncertainties of global and local influences.  The goals and strategies linked to each objective sets out how the OCA may achieve the desired outcomes over the next five years.

OCA Chair, Ms Cecilia Woolford said “the OCA is nearing the end of its first five year SMP.  It’s vitally important that those that live, work and visit the outback have the opportunity to provide input into the long term strategic direction of the OCA as it works for Outback SA”. 

 “The draft SMP for 2015-20 is a culmination of what the outback has been telling the OCA.  It’s not a finished document but rather a snap shot of what we’ve heard so far. 

“Have we got it right?  We think so but you need to talk with us.  I encourage anyone that has an interest in outback SA to have a say on how our thinking can be improved before we take it to the Minister for approval” Ms Woolford said.

You can view the  draft  SMP here, and provide feedback here

Hard copies of the SMP and feedback form are also available on request to the OCA;

By email at

In person at 12 Tassie Street, Port Augusta SA 5700 or

By post to PO Box 2353 Port Augusta, SA 5700.

You can also contact the OCA on 1800 640 542 from outback SA or (08) 8648 5970.

Your feedback should reach the OCA no later than 8 May 2015