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The OCA has recently been successful in obtaining funding from the Office of Sports and Recreation for a STARCLUB officer. Many thanks to all of the clubs and communities that supplied letters of support for the position. The Starclub role has been in other country regions for 3-4 years however a position has not existed for the Outback regions not covered by a local council.

The OCA is partnering with the South Australian Office for Recreation and Sport on a new initiative, the STARCLUB Development Program. STARCLUB is a program aiming to support sporting clubs and entities with governance and successful management strategies. STARCLUB will provide benefits to your club including improved opportunities for grants, sponsorship and governance plus covering off on your legislative requirements.

We ask you as a club to register for STARCLUB and go through the 25 point checklist. Go to the website , watch the video and click on the icon at the bottom of the page “ Start/ Update your club development”. Just answer Yes / No / In Progress to the 25 questions as a starting point.

The STARCLUB Officer will then work with you on the areas marked ‘No’ and ‘In Progress’ in the future either face to face or when visiting communities or over the phone as support. Training can be provided in communities that may require this to achieve their goals. Assistance can also be provided with Office for Sports and Recreation grants together with a link to the Adelaide office.

Joining STARCLUB is not compulsory but it will also provide an advantage in applying for grants for the Office of Sports and Recreation together with sponsorships and grants from the Outback Communities Authority.

It will also assist us in achieving goals from the recently released Outback Sport and Recreation and Open Space Plan 2017-2021. The plan recently won an award at the Parks and Leisure Conference for best Strategy Plan.

If you are a Progress Association and believe you have a role to play in Sport and Recreation and your constitution indicates this, you can also register with STARCLUB.

Please contact Mark Shirley, STARCLUB Officer by email: or on 0428 888 076 once you have registered with STARCLUB or if you have any questions.


STARCLUB Regional Training Programs - JUNE 2020

The OCA in partnership with other STARCLUB regions is co-funding 5 free webinars that will assist sporting clubs in the outback. Although aimed at sporting clubs the content is also relevant to Progress Associations who are interested. Click here for more information on the sessions available and to find the registration links.

  • Monday 1 June - 7.00pm: The secrets of successful clubs.
  • Monday 8 June - 7.00pm: How to achieve goals by creating a culture of volunteering in your club.
  • Monday 15 June – 7.00pm:  Fundraising and financial management for sports clubs.
  • Monday 22 June – 7.00pm:  Social media and communication strategies for sports clubs. 
  • Monday 29 June – 7.00pm:  Increasing participation in your club.

Session 1 and Session 2 webinars can be viewed by clicking here to access the links and to register for Sessions 3, 4 and 5.


The OCA was pleased to release a small Sports Grant program for 2019-20. 

Click here to see the Sports Grant Funding Guidelines and click here for an application form.

Click here for the Grant Project Evaluation Report


Blinman Tennis Day:


Cricket Fun:


Click here to see StarClub Events.