The OCA is committed to open accountable and responsive decision making which is informed by people who live and work in the outback. We acknowledge that this principle underlies good governance and is central to our role in:

* managing the provision of services and facilities to outback communities;
* promoting improvements where required; 
* managing its resources and meeting legislative responsibilities; and
* representing the views, interests and aspirations of outback communities in local, regional, State and national arenas.

The OCA recognises there are considerable challenges in finding ways to effectively engage with people in some outback areas, particularly those in small settlements and in remote locations, and those who have historically been hard to reach.  Finding ways to do this will be an on-going task, as the OCA works with and talks to people throughout outback areas to work out solutions.

There are some matters in which the OCA must engage with the community and there are some matters where ongoing general engagement is more appropriate. The OCA will identify those matters as it seeks to inform, consult and involve people in the decisions that the OCA makes.

Matters of direct and specific engagement are accessible via the Community Engagement page.