Welcome to Outback South Australia.

The Outback is clean, clear and big. Really, really big.

Whilst there is no shortage of wide-open, uninterrupted space, the Outback is really not that far from Australia's greatest concentration of population - the southeast.

We are open for business and we have the vision.

Our four keystones of mining, pastoralism, agriculture and tourism are growing.

We want you to join us in future-proofing the Outback economy through investment in diversification.

We embrace the challenges facing the Outback by working to grow emerging industries, build confidence, and create jobs.

This prospectus contains innovative investment opportunities which are economically sound and community verified.

Come on the journey with us - to Grow our Economy, Grow our Community, and to Grow our Influence - because a thriving Outback is critical to a thriving economy, and a thriving state.

The oneOutback Prospectus is a region-building strategy which identifies prioritised investment opportunities for Outback South Australia.

oneOutback began as a wide-reaching engagement project which commenced in late-2013 to explore how the Outback could thrive and prosper as it faces a significant period of transition from being less mining-intensive, while moving to embrace tourism and transport sectors.

The result is four prioritised, innovative investment opportunities which would provide benefits for entire regions, not single communities. oneOutback is evidence based and community verified. It explores how the Outback's competitive advantage can be leveraged and builds on the idea of the Outback being one critical mass and how it can achieve as a collective.

Download the oneOutback Prospectus.

Download the oneOutback Prospectus (low resolution).