The Outback Communities Authority (OCA) has commenced consultation on its Strategic Management Plan (SMP) 2020-2025 and is seeking input from those with an interest in the outback. The OCA is expanding upon its three key objectives identified in the 2015-20 plan, Grow Our Economy, Grow Our Community and Grow Our Influence and Presence. It intends to progress these over the next five years. Achieving these objectives will put outback South Australia in the best position to deal with the uncertainties of global and local influences. The goals and strategies linked to each objective sets out how the OCA may achieve the desired outcomes over the next five years. The draft SMP for 2020-25 is not a finished document but rather a snap shot of what has been heard so far. Outback SA is encouraged to have a say on how the plan might be improved before it is formally adopted by the OCA. A copy of the draft SMP is availbale here. Hard copies of the SMP and feedback form are also available on request: to the OCA; by email at in person at 12 Tassie Street, Port Augusta SA 5700 by post to PO Box 2353 Port Augusta, SA 5700, or by contacting the OCA on 1800 640 542. Your feedback should reach the OCA no later than 17 April 2020.