Burial Register

An Outback Burials Register which holds information about burials and interments in the State's northern out-of-council districts has been developed. It was developed early in 2006 and you can access the document by clicking here.

The content of the Register was developed by the Outback Areas Community Development Trust (replaced by the Authority in July 2010) in consultation with the State Register of Births Deaths and Marriages.

Where the information was available, each entry includes surname (or family name), given names, date of death, age or date of birth (with a preference to date of birth when available), relatives, place of burial/cemetery, GPS co-ordinates (in the case of more recent interments), area, source of information and notes. The notes to each entry include any additional detail that came forward about the cause and circumstances of death, the location of the burial or anything else that might help identification.

The register now has nearly 800 entries from 233 locations in outback areas. The initial phase of constructing the data base involved inclusion of data from Graham Jaunay’s Lonely Graves project, from station property records and from significant cemetery burial registers and headstone readings at places like Andamooka, Blinman and Innamincka, among others.

For further information on this topic please visit Graham Jaunay's website: http://www.jaunay.com/cemeteries.html or contact the Office Consumer Business Affairs on 131 882 or visit their site: www.cbs.sa.gov.au. If you have information on Lonely graves in the northern out-of-council areas that are not recorded on our register please contact our office or email your information.